Getting Started

Amuneal’s success comes from being open to new challenges and from confidently drawing on our background and creative approach to fabricate inspiring projects. Our first step is to immerse ourselves in your vision, your intent, and your aesthetic. We listen to the words that you use to describe your goals and your project. We see it as our job to partner with you, to understand your needs and the obstacles that you see in your way, and to remove them from your path. Our goal and our responsibility is to use our experience, knowledge, and non-linear approach to develop the best method to deliver your vision.

Getting started is simple, if you are able to outline your needs, if you are just starting to consider a project, or if you have come up against an obstacle that you cannot overcome, just call us. Each day we receive calls from customers around the country who are at all different stages of project development. Our goal is to be accessible and to provide insights as to the next necessary step. Oftentimes these initial calls allow us to help you narrow in on materials, provide finish samples, and start a cost estimating process.

Our focus is on custom projects and the challenges that they offer. We believe that getting started should not be a challenge.