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CSU Kitchen

Amuneal Products, Custom Fabrication, Kitchens
Kitchens, Wine Unit
About This Project

Collectors Shelving – Kitchen
Metal Finish: Warm Brass
Wood Finish: Bleached Oak
Size As Shown: 144″ w x 84″ h x 26″ d
Options Shown:

  • Upper Cabinets with Ribbed Glass
  • Central Glass Shelving
  • Brass Clad Lower Cabinet Doors

This expansion of our Collector’s Shelving family utilizes all of the same precision machined hardware that defines our standard system to bring an unexpected level of refinement and character to a truly modular kitchen system.

The exposed metal framework helps to reinforce the notion that these systems can truly be furniture for your kitchen. Our machined flanges and framework become legs for the lower cabinets and help to lighten the overall look of the design. A set-back mirror polished stainless kick allows your floor to visually continue below the cabinets while acting to conceal any required mechanical systems. The upper cabinets are all mounted using our traditional Collector’s Shelving fittings and allow for exciting compositions and easy changes in materials.

Please contact us for additional information, price inquiries or to get started on your project.