John Hardy Showroom - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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John Hardy Showroom

Commercial Interiors, Custom Fabrication, Retail Display
Commercial Interiors, Hospitality + Interiors, Retail Display
About This Project

Case Study #56318: John Hardy Showroom
Client: Structure Tone
Design: Design Republic
Location: New York, NY

Amuneal worked with the design team to develop a series of materials, fabrication techniques and specialty finishes that were sensitive to the hand-crafted values of the customer’s brand. A blend of authentic materials, cutting edge techniques and traditional artisan construction was used to fabricate a series of custom meeting tables, jewelry cases, display vitrines, and furniture for the showroom’s reception area.
Following a series of mock-ups, Amuneal fully fabricated each piece, in-house, before final inspection, delivery and installation.