The Warm Gunmetal Kitchen - Amuneal: Magnetic Shielding & Custom Fabrication
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The Warm Gunmetal Kitchen

Amuneal Products, by Room: Dining + Kitchens, Custom Fabrication, Kitchens, MAIN LANDING - Kitchens
About This Project

The Warm Gunmetal Kitchen

Amuneal’s Metal Kitchen Collection expands beyond our Brass Kitchen to include this new metal kitchen in a warm, hand Patinated gunmetal finish in stainless steel. In addition to the introduction of this new material and finish, we are also showcasing visually light upper cabinets with fine metalwork capturing ribbed glass door fronts. Like all of our collections, this new design showcases newly designed and custom machined cabinet pulls.

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– Size As Shown: 126″ w x 108″ h x 24.75″ d
– Metal Finish Shown: Warm Gunmetal Finish on Polished Stainless Steel / Oxidized Bronze Hardware
– Options Shown: Upper Cabinets with Ribbed Glass Doors, Antique Mirror Cabinet Backs and Backsplash, Pull-Out Storage Trolley, Silvered Oak Lower Cabinet Interiors